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My name is Jessica Lynn Allen (you can call me Jess),

I am a divine, tech savvy, joy inspired conscious parent and mompreneur.  I look forward to being your friend, divine inspiration and trusted technology coach!

I am “the expert” the technology experts call to mastermind strategies and solutions.  I’m a techy geek who loves reading techy geek blogs, forums and books.  Technology is a powerful tool to help you create time, money and ease in your life and business.   It is also just one aspect of life – the outward aspect and there is so much more to life – the inward aspect…  where your divine self exists!

In 2009 I woke up to my divine nature – wow what a surprise to meet the real me.  I knew immediately I MUST share the secret with anyone who would listen.  To be 36 years old and just be  realizing my true potential and power within me was shocking, sad (for the moment) and passion igniting.  I learn that this divine nature thrives in the vibration of joy and it was in that moment that I made the commitment to living a life from the basis of joy.  Thank you Abraham-Hicks for my first awakening!

Up until that point my two areas of expertise were technology and real estate investing.   My dream at 7 years of age was to be a teacher… I had taught technology for many years in my early 20s and the teacher longing to get out, found a new message that I felt called to teach “you are divine – joy is your birth right”.  I spent the next 7 years learning how to live and teach this.

From 2012 to 2015 I focused on getting my law of attraction certification and learning how to fully understand my divine nature.  In 2016, I was blessed to be introduced to my guru, Sadhguru.  Yogi mystic and founder of a non-profit, non religious organization who’s message I resonated with immediately of “A world full of love, light and laughter.  It’s time has come.  Let’s make it happen!”   This message has rallied more than 2 million global volunteers that help Sadhguru spread his message and teachings of love, light and laughter.  His flagship yoga and meditation course called Inner Engineering (approved by the medical association for continuing education credits) – CHANGED MY LIFE….   I cried a lot during this course.  I had felt a great sense of calling to let people know of their divine nature and of the importance of inner joy.   After finding Sadhguru and going through Inner Engineering – I was 100% confident the message of inner joy and divine awareness was well taken care of!  In that moment, I had to ask myself “now what?”

After being an entrepreneur since 2001, a single mom entrepreneur since 2008 and a 100% 24/7 single mom since 2014 (after my ex-husband was shot and killed), the one passion and skill that always made sure I made it was my love and skills with technology.  I knew I still wanted to spread the message of divine awareness and thus I created a title I could find no where else on the internet – Divine Technology Coach.  You will get leading edge technology education and support…. .while always being reminded of your divine nature and sharing my stories of deep divine awareness and miraculous adventures!

I have always been an avid reader and student.  That is one of the things that makes me a great teacher and coach.  I love to learn, live and share.  I go through the bumps, bruises of the learning process, to save you time, energy and bruises 🙂

I love studying conscious parenting and other topics that raise human consciousness and improve mother earth. I am passionate and skilled at developing and implementing technology solutions.  I love teaching others how to maximize time and fun with technology.

I am excited to be building a community of conscious mom entrepreneurs who love expanding their awareness and knowledge of divinity and technology.  Master these two things and you create the ability to manifest miracles in all areas of life.

Family photo of Jessica Lynn Allen Technology Coach for Conscious Mom Entrepreneurs Life Business Miami FloridaI am blessed to be the earthly guide for two amazing children, Sebastian (10) and Maggie (7); who I now recognize as divine beings of light here as my greatest teachers.  Thank you Dr. Shefali for this awareness!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know you!  I look forward to learning  more about how I can help you.  If you are ready to dive in and create rapid and massive transformation in your life, schedule a discovery call with me today!

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Excited to connect.  In the world of coaching and online communities, this starts the beginning of a long friendship and co-transformation!  I look forward to growing with you and being a divine and trusted technology resource for you and your family!

Sending you Joy, Love and Appreciation

Jessica Lynn Allen  (you can call me Jess!)

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