Brave Parents – A Clinical Psychologist Asks Us to Step Up!

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A clinical psychologist says our children are here to awaken us to our full worthy, spirit connected selves.  Are you ready for transformation?


I read her book 2 years ago and it transformed how i saw my kids. They had always been a motivation in my life and the concept of conscious parenting took my life to a whole new level.  Yippie.  This video started it all.  Want a deeper relationship with your kids?  Want to sleep better at night knowing you are giving them the guidance that will allow them to thrive and be joyful through adulthood?  Watch this video, then become part of the Joy By Jessica Community (details below the video).

The moms you spend time with, influence the speed at which you create results in all areas of your life!  If this video grabs at your heart and you love the idea (or see great benefits LOL) in having a conscious parenting experience, then I look forward to learning about other ways we align!

I invite you to connect me with me on social media and become part of the Joy By Jessica community at any level.  We are a growing group of Mom Entrepreneurs who love connect with our children as equal souls on this planet.  We love to listen and learn with our kids.  I know for me personally, my children have been my greatest teacher.  I had to let go of a lot of ego at first… and wow what a journey.  Conscious Parenting is just one of the topics we will discuss and empower through inner joy!  We will touch every area of life (health, money, love, sex, business, serving others.).

The motto of the Joy by Jessica community is:  My Inner Joy is Created by Me.  Once you know that, then it’s a matter of tuning in to collaborate with your soul and the cosmos on manifesting the details of your outer life!  Visit this page to learn more: