Coaching Services

Technology changes constantly!

If you are a conscious mom entrepreneur who “understands” technology is valuable but feels:

  • stressed about having to learn it and keep up with change
  • frustrated trying to manage it
  • fearful about making the right investments
  • unsure if you’re hiring a truly qualified tech person
  • wishful you knew how to maximize technology
  • hopeful  that one day learning and implementing new technologies will be fun and easy
  • blissful when you master an app or tech project that adds great value to your life and/or business.

If any or all of the above sounds like you, then welcome.  I am glad we are connecting.  There are 4 ways we can connect and grow together.:

  1. Free Email Community
  2. Paid Private Mastermind (focused on life and business transformation through technology)
  3. Private 1-on-1   (click here to complete a discovery call application).
  4. Virtual Expert Support & Training (providing training and support to your team of experts)

For all levels of connection, you will have direct access to my 25+ years of technology, my team of trusted experts and 15 years as an entrepreneur being the final decision maker on technology investments.

My expertise is teaching you (or your team of trusted experts that do it for you)  to choose and implement the right technology for your budget and long term vision.


Options for Connecting

Subscribe to my weekly newsletter

I will send you technology tools, strategies and tips to inspire and empower your life and business.  You’ll be invited to attend a once a monthly video conference and get advanced notice on new events, new courses and special offers.

Paid Private Mastermind

Focused on life and business transformation through technology!  By being a member of this mastermind here are just a few of the things you will learn:

  • Understand how to setup and utilizing google analytics
  • How to use google analytics to improve ROI on marketing dollars
  • How to use hands free productivity techniques to save time and increase fun
  • Cloud considerations when storing short and long term data (personal vs. business vs. client)
  • How to learn new technology terms quickly to determine which expert on the team to talk to next
  • Learn to how to be make maximum use of time with a tech expert
  • Learn how to identify the right technology to fit your life, family or business
  • How to create a marketing funnel that consistently converts leads into paying community members.
  • Learn how to grow your list (I like to call it Expand Your Community – EYC) with authentic conversations and relationships.
  • Learn the latest tips and techniques for social media and search engine marketing
  • and more
  • What do you want to learn?  I will be surveying the community to find out what you are most interested in.  I have 100+ topics to teach.  I love technology and the way it can empower your life and business!  Register for my newsletter and I’ll respond back with a personal hello (yes I do answer all of my emails personally.  this is about building community – let’s get to know each other!)

Private Mastermind Membership Details:

  • 3 monthly mastermind group video/screening sharing meetings (3 hours)
    • the intention of these groups is to get next action steps clarified, update project plans with what got done from the last session, share lessons learned and miracles experienced.
    • Eventually the goal will be to have a virtual support team on call so if you have a wordpress fix you want to get taken care of, something designed, new copy created for the group to review.  Real work can get done and implemented as part of the event.
  • Unlimited (within reason!) email access.
  • Urgent support available by phone (ideally 24/7 with support of other community members).  If one of us is really having an urgent situation, having a community member one call or text away, will help all of us!
  • Daily support in online community
    • (phase 1 will be a private facebook group and phase 2 will be building a private online community.  you will have front row access to lessons learned and time/cost saving tips)
  • Access to virtual team of trusted technologist
  • The private community is $497 per month,
    • 90 day commitment
    • agree to go through new member information within 7 days of joining
    • 30 day refund, if after 30 days you find the group is not a fit for you.  You can request a full refund with no questions asked.
  • REGISTER  – $497 


My goal is to provide you with massive value to say thank you for being a charter member of the Joy By Jessica community.  I look forward to receiving and integrating feedback that continually enhances our community!

Bonuses for being a mastermind charter member:

  • 3 hour private session with me
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 9:00 am to 4:00 pm – all day access via email/chat and phone by appointment if urgent.  Included for the first 90 days.  Urgent support available any time, I will do my best to help or find an expert to help.  You never have to feel alone in a technology emergency, decision, investment or question.
  • Additional bonuses created and coming soon.  Sign up for my newsletter and I’ll keep you posted!


Private Session Packages:

Invest in a 4 or 10 session private coaching package offered at pre-launch pricing.  Limited spots available.

  • 4 (45 Min Sessions) for $497 
  • 10 (45 Min Sessions)  for $997 

I want you to be completely satisfied with your results.  After the first session if you don’t feel Jessica Lynn Allen Conscious Parenting Coach Life Coaching Florida - Guarenteecompletely satisfied, you can send an email to teamjoy  AT  and you will receive a refund.  I am on a mission to provide you massive value and help you create the transformation and results you desire.


Virtual Expert Support & Training

Use my online schedule booking link to schedule a 30 Minute discovery call to discuss Virtual Expert Support & Training.

If you have a trusted team of technologist, developers, internet and social media marketers (and or support), we can be their trusted expert.  Technology changes rapidly.  What to invest in and how to fix things that are broken can make a big impact on business.

Having a community of trusted technology experts that your inner circle experts can count on is a valuable gift for your team and your future technology investments.


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Please share this page with your loved ones, friends and network.  When the mom entrepreneurs near you, become conscious masters of  technology in life and business, you will see powerful and positive change.   Empowered tech savvy conscious mom entrepreneurs are REALLY GOOD for the planet and our global economy.

Jessica Lynn Allen