How to Learn Faster with YouTube

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The internet offers you the ability to find tips, tools and techniques to anything you want to learn.   Want to know how to paint, cook, cure back pain, learn how to meditate, fix your car, listen to your favorite song, launch your business, find your passion, deal with your child’s tantrum,

If you are still on the journey of clarifying your “dream life” – research the life / industry you think you want.  Sometimes the ideas are a bridge to a new one you haven’t even thought of you.  Other times, when you begin to research the lifestyle/industry you realize it fits you perfectly and you’ll feel confident to keep learning more.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER… there once was a time, when only a few had access to education.  Now you have the power to educate yourself.

Here is a tip on how to learn faster with YouTube videos!

Best of all YouTube now has a function where you can speed up (or slow down) the playback.

If you desire to expand who you are – the tools to do it are all around you.  ~Jessica Lynn Allen

The graphic shows how to change the speed of listening YouTube videos

Jessica Lynn Allen - YouTube Tips

One of my favorite teachers is Abraham-Hicks, however Esther speaks quite fast sometimes and there is a ton of detail in what she says.  In this case, I slow down the video speed to hear all of the message.

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