It’s Time to Start Planning for 2017

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The first quarter of 2016 is now ending.  Are you on track to achieve the goals you set at the end of 2015?

Did you plan for 2016 near the end of 2015 or did you start early to leave time for quiet contemplation, reflection and cosmic clarity.  Approach 2017 differently… start now!

The manifestations of your future are being created with the thoughts you are thinking today.

The actions you are taking today are deciding what will be a reality in 2017 and beyond.  Instead of thinking 30 days ahead.  What if you started thinking 3 months ahead, 3 years ahead.  What if you live a life you designed, instead of a life you dreaded?

I invite you to connect me with me on social media and become part of the Joy By Jessica community at any level.  We are a growing group of Mom Entrepreneurs who know inner joy is the baseline that fuels aligned success in all areas of life.  Topics within the community touch every area of life (health, money, love, sex, parenting, business, serving others.).

The motto of the Joy by Jessica community is:  My Inner Joy is Created by Me.  Once you know that, then it’s a matter of tuning in to collaborate with your soul and the cosmos on manifesting the details of your outer life!  Visit this page to learn more:



Jessica Lynn Allen


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  1. Gigi Allen

    I really liked your presentation and like to know more…….
    One suggestion, the reply i am making now is typing with very light ink……, but more importantly, UNDER BLOG TOPICS PLEAS SUGGEST MORE

    All the various titles, like awaken to real you, business success, are all the titles are of a light annoying grey color making it difficult to read, and doesn’t look professional…Can you change that..

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