From Joy Coaching Back to Technology. My 25 year journey

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My social profiles focus on inner joy – technology is coming back!

Social media is a powerful way for us to connect and get to know each others.   My social media is a broad range of things.  Read this blog post to learn why!  For 25+ years I have lead or worked on technology projects. For 10 years I used those skills to create success in real estate investing and online lead generation.

For the past 4 years I focused on teaching about the importance on inner joy to manifest desires.  A lot of my social activity for the past few years has be around the law of attraction, mindset and soul awareness.  Recently I met a master inner joy teacher and it was clear people would receive more impact on their inner joy by me referring them to an affordable program (online or live) that has worked globally for millions over decades.  If you are seeking inner peace, inner joy, Sadhguru and Inner Engineering will transform the foundation of everything you know.  I receive nothing for the referral except one more person on the planet solid in how to live a life full of inner joy!

My second passion after inner joy for all, is technology and using it to make life and business better.  I still feel called to let people know what I learned in my late 30s – we are all divine in nature!

When you become part of the Joy by Jessica community – I will be here to always remind you of your divine nature while providing you education and support for the technologies needed to make your business and life the success you desire

Please connect with me on social media (links at the top of this site)!  and register for my weekly newsletter.  You’ll be invited to attend a once a monthly video conference and get advanced notice on new events, new courses and special offers.

I am honored and excited to connect.  In the world of coaching and online communities, this starts the beginning of a long friendship and co-transformation!  I look forward to growing with you and being a divine and trusted technology resource for you and your family!

Sending you Joy, Love and Appreciation

Jessica Lynn Allen  (you can call me Jess!)

Jessica Lynn Allen